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Every day we ride bikes and drive cars which contain reg plates at backward side of the car or bike. Have you ever though that why these plates are used and what is the value of reg plate’s alphanumeric numbers? Never! So let me tell you that reg plates are used for the unique identification of the vehicles. This plate is made up of plastic or metal and it is placed at the backward side of the cars and bakes. By the way the four wheelers also contain a reg plates at the front side.
There is an alphanumeric number is written on the reg plates, this is used to register you vehicle in the standard database of the government. The main purpose placing these plates in vehicle is to officially distinguish a vehicle from another one because the manufacturing company launches many vehicles of same model and color. The reg plates make easy to identify you car or bike uniquely within many other vehicles. Nowadays every country is following this strategy of recognizing vehicles. It helps to reduce the stealing rate of vehicles. Unfortunately if your bike or car is stolen, then you can find out it with the help of reg plates.
History of reg plates
It can be considered that the reg plates are in existence with the trend of the automobile vehicles. At very first France has introduced these plates in 1893. After that Germany has adopted this way of identifying the vehicles and then Netherlands. After that this approach is preciously followed by all the remaining countries. Nowadays there is not a single country is this world, which do not allow vehicles to have the reg plates. It was an incredible way of spotting uniqueness with much less effort and everyone has supported it.
Strategy of insetting the numbers on reg plates
Every country follows different strategy for insetting numbers on the reg plates. Often these numbers are alphanumeric. Many countries follow the technique of providing the identifier numbers according to the states. The alphabetic characters define the name of state and numeric characters shows the number of vehicle. These numbers are also called identifiers in official language, which are allocated at the time of registration of the vehicles. Many countries follow the strategy of uniquely identifying the vehicle in whole country. It means the identifiers are unique in the whole country. No other vehicle can contain the same number of reg plates. In some ways it is beneficial and in some ways it is complicated.    
Benefits of reg plates
There are various benefits of having reg plates on the vehicle. It gives a unique individuality to your vehicle. You can easily find out your vehicle if it stolen. You cannot be confused among same looking bikes or cars. This is a very strict rule in many countries to have the license plate on the vehicle otherwise you have to pay for it. It is good for the safety of your vehicle and people are preciously following this process of using reg plates on the vehicles.               


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