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Everyone thinks to have unique reg plates on their vehicle. To show the uniqueness often you have to pay a good amount. As you get the right of using any number, so you are not the owner of that number, you have just reserved the rights of using that number. This is quite strange thing but it is true. When we purchase a new car or a new bike, the registration number of reg plates is needed to show the identity of your vehicle. It is a simple registration number, but people have made it the way of showing off. You can see many private plates with attractive number; this numbers puts an impression on minds of people.    


Everyone is running for having private number plates with good number combination and paying hundreds of pounds of the number. If you don’t have the full awareness on reg plates and registration number, then you can face difficulty in future. It is happening with peoples every year. People never think that for which thing they had paid amount and what will be in future with that reg plates.
You can purchase the private plates by two methods; the simple way is to get the number available and decided for your vehicle or by applying for your selected registration number. After the completion of buying the private number you should safely keep the registration details of your vehicle. The logbook can be used as an evidence for ownership of your vehicle.

In many countries people retain the private number plates by paying some amount according to the number. Some of them don’t know that this retaliation certificate gets expired in one year’s time period and it gets useless if you won’t renew it. You have time period of only 28 days for the renovation of retention certificate. This time period can alter according to the policies of different-different countries. If you don’t do the renovation, then probably your unique number can be taken back from you. Many car owners have no knowledge about this rule so their reg plates are containing the illegal registration number. They can be charged a lot due for it.
If you are in mood of changing the registration number of one vehicle to your vehicle, so you will need the running MOT certificate of giver vehicle the taker vehicle should also be ready with the same certificate. Thus you can change the private number plates of two vehicles. Awareness about such rules and things can keep you up to date and safe from government’s legal actions. There are many other rules related to vehicles but this was particularly in context of private plates. People are using these reg plates from a very long time. From the very beginning it was used as the license plate of the vehicle. Now it is called the private number plates or private plates of the vehicles.
Your bikes and cars remain safe if they have the registration number and it also help you to identify your vehicle.

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