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There are millions of vehicles in this world. From a simple bike to big trucks every vehicle possesses its own individuality. This individuality is provided by reg plates. Can you imagine how the authorities handle the records each vehicle and how you can get help if your car or bike is stolen? The whole data is mentioned in files related to your vehicle’s private plates. These number plates are very necessary for driving vehicles legally. The parameters and rules are preciously defined according to the law of countries. Every country applies the strategy of
private number plates because there is no better way than it to know the authority of the vehicle.

People also follow this technique because it is very beneficial for them. There cannot be any better way of recognizing our right on the vehicle.  In nowadays you can also find the logo or name of vehicle’s dealer on reg plates. This is the trend of today and dealers are also fixing their logos on the number plates. You can say that it is only for the advertizing of that company. People also mention their names or slogans on private plates, while it is not allowed to do.

How reg plates are started
The private number plates are in existence from a very long time. Often it is said that the age of vehicles and reg plates are the same. It was initially used in France at first time. That time the registration plates are used as license plate of the vehicle. The strategy of spotting motors was quite effective, so all other countries have adopted this technique of France. As the vehicles approached in countries, private plates are also used there along with vehicles.         

People should be thankful to France for such a good technique. In USA the first time license plate was used in 1901 and after that many changes arrived in private number plates. The parameters of size of number plates are decided by authorities according to the convenient of dealers.

Current structure of reg plates
The size of reg plates depends on your country’s standard size decided for car and bike’s number plates. Every dealer has to follow those parameters because only government has rights to change it. The color of private plates is white for bikes in many countries and the identification number is mentioned in black letters.  In matter of cars and other four wheel vehicles, the number plate is used in yellow color and fonts are black. Colors used should be reflective to identify your registration plate’s number easily.

People often use the radium art to printing number on private number plates because its visibility is much better than other compounds. Today’s time’s number plate contains the alphabetical characters for identification of country and also for identifying state and area. The numeric characters mentioned on reg plates define the registration number of your vehicle along with area code.   

Earlier you are needed to go to transport office for having the identification number of your vehicle, but in many countries now it can be done online on internet. So be safe and keep safe your vehicle with private number plates.

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