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Every country has its own rules for reg plates. People preciously follow those rules for the safety of their own vehicle. In most countries there is a rule of spotting the private number plates at both sides of the vehicle. There are also some countries in which you don’t need to carry the private plates at both side of the vehicle. in some vehicles like motorcycles and scooters you only need to spot the number plate at one side. Mainly people prefer to have the number plate at back side of the vehicle.

There are millions of people in this world, who drive cars and bikes, but half of them never knows that how to apply for the number of private plates plates. You need to fallow a legal procedure of registering your vehicle into the database of your government. Every government has farmed out a particular department to handle such things. You can take the benefit of such services for taking any unique quality number or a normal number. To apply this you have to fill some forms and you have to provide the details of your vehicle. 


In some government authorities the reg plates are attached to a specific vehicle for life time. There are also some countries where you have to renew your registration certificate every year because of government’s policy. A rule says that if you are transferring a vehicle from one country to another country, then you cannot keep the same registration number of the vehicle. The country, to which you are transferring that vehicle, will provide you the new registration number. This rule is very important in context of private plates because often people imports high tech cars from outer countries.   
There are many countries, which follow the tendency of ‘plate to owner’ it means, the new owner of vehicle needs to register for new reg plates or he can use his previous one on the vehicle. The seller of the car always keeps the private number plates of the vehicles. This rule is quite comfortable to maintain the same registration number for life time. In U.S nation as the visitors of other country arrives, they take the help of temporary reg plates to run vehicle. It is more convenient way for outer visitors of Mexico and other countries. Such methods are being applied by many countries in this world. You can save your money of registering all time for new number.

It was some useful facts in context of registration plates and license plates. There are many high profile people, who purchase some different identification numbers for their reg plates. It is taken as the symbol of their royalty and their prestige. If you want to have any number very unique and impressive, then you should be ready to pay a good amount for that registration number. Now this is in trend in every country, while we know that registration numbers only shows the uniqueness of our vehicle. If you also want to have impressive and unique private number plates, then you can easily apply for it.

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