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Integrating Goalseve’s data feeds is very simple. We provide the data feeds in XML and JSON. It is up to the customer to choose which data stream he or she prefers. Our feeds can easily be integrated into web sites or mobile applications. They can also be used for score boards etc. in stadiums. We offer sample code in PHP and .Net. We also offer free integration to subscribers who subscribe for a full year. Out technical team is always available to help. Most developers are able to integrate the XML and JSON feeds into their software within an hour to two hours. This makes our product stand out because of the ease of integration into existing software or score boards. Having live sports data on your site or in your application helps attracting new clients and also works well for SEO as the content on your website is constantly changing. Across all our sports feeds the data changes 1000s of times per minute. Imagine constantly having fresh data on your website! This helps your ranking in search engines tremendously. For bars who wants to add this data to a score board this will help attracting new customers and make them stay in the bar.


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