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Goalseve Services

Goalseve provides scores from many countries as well as many different sports. We specialize in soccer, football, tennis, cricket, handball and many more. Our scores updates as some of the fastest scores in the industry. This gives goalserve and edge to the competitors. We also customize scores for each client so they fit the clients needs. This is important as not every client have the same requirements. This is again a way to stand out from the completion. For soccer for example; we offer scores, playing time, red and yellow cards, with football we offer 4 quarters with Touchdowns, Field goals etc. Every sport have different data, and we can mix and match this data to accurately benefit each customer. We also, as one of the only in the industry, give access to unlimited access to the feed. That means that each individual customer can access the feeds as many times has he or she wants to. There is no limit. Many other providers have a limit, maybe 500 times in one day. That means that the scores aren’t up-to-date or that the client does not know the real cost as he or she might go over the limit. Goalserve is simply a premium service, which offers an unparalleled product. We are very proud of what we offer the client and we carefully work on each feed to make them the BEST live score feeds available.


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