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2014 marks the 6th year of Tribe’s presence in the yoga community as a yoga school offering yoga teacher training courses in Goa and other various worldwide locations. Throughout those years Tribe has particularly gained a fabulous reputation as a yoga school that offers professional and well-organized yoga teacher training course in goa and Rishikesh, India and also in Thailand, Spain, Austria and the uk. Of course there are many such schools but what makes Tribe so unique is it’s large team of high calibre of yoga teachers who all bring a different flavour of experience and understanding to each yoga teacher training course in Goa and in all the locations. The teachers come from a variety of yogic backgrounds so students receive a much broader spectrum of teachings, practices and yoga disciplines.

The yoga teacher training courses always have a minimum of 2 teachers and quite often for the locations that attract larger numbers of students, like the yoga teacher training in Goa and Thailand, there can be as many as 5 primary teachers.  The teacher student ratio is never more than 1:6 respectively which allows for study and explorations in more intimate student support and study groups.

The syllabus of the Tribe yoga teacher training course in goa and all locations offers a solid foundation of practices and teachings to yoga students who have an aspiration to become teachers or who just want to become more grounded in their own self-practice.  One of the subjects that Tribe is very passionate to offer is the conscious living and conscious eating modules. These studies are fundamental to supporting students to make informed choices and actions that bring yoga more vividly into their lives. Tribe have adopted and embraced the motto ‘its not what you do its how you do it’ playing an important role in the yoga community to bring yoga into as many peoples lives as possible irrespective of how strong or flexible they are. For Tribe the beauty of offering the yoga teacher training course in goa and other worldwide locations is to provide the tools for personal growth and spiritual transformation, allowing individuals to become empowered and well equipped to navigate through life ever more harmoniously and effortlessly. 
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