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Power washing is not a limited to commercial and residential fields, it can help you protect your agricultural assets including silos, farm equipment, and barns. Some types of equipment that can be protected through the use of Sparkleen’s pressure washing expertise include:
Wheel tractors
Milk drawing equipment
Hay equipment
Regular farm equipment
Grain dryers

The importance of power washing extends to silos for both wheat and grain to prevent bugs and pests. Tractors are also primary equipment since mud and silt could harden, causing ceasing, rust, and corrosion in the long run.

Agricultural businesses include extensive manual labor, so by making sure all equipment is taken care of year-round, you can ensure less rust, fewer breakdowns, and limited bacteria within different machines, cutting your budget. We use on-site high pressure washer systems and gas pressure washers to give you quick service even during emergency spills or post-flooding.

Sparkleen has a commitment to the environment and ensures all water is handled in an environmentally safe manner with certifications and licenses to prove our environmental promise. Contaminated soil can lead to hefty fines, so leaving it up to our team can give you the peace of mind you need to resume agricultural duties free from worry.

Our services are year-round, rain or shine, so whether you need services in the summer or during harvest, our experienced, licensed and insured technicians can help you maintain your assets with affordable rates and trusted experience. Sparkleen can help you tidy your agricultural business so you can continue to work on what matters to you; your business.


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