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Auto Dialer and Automated Calling: 11 Questions to Ask Your Provider

auto dialer

Are you searching for a company to handle your robocalls? If so, this is not a very easy task. Here are some things to ask auto dialer providers before you sign up the deal:

  • Will the automated voice messaging campaign be delivered on time? If not, you should not be made to pay. You are the one who gets to choose the best time for your automated calling messages to be delivered according to your target audience preferences. Delivering the messages later than agreed might hurt your campaign.
  • Will you be in charge of managing and scheduling your robocalls or will someone else do that for you? For reliability purposes, the first option is better.
  • What are the hidden fees for the auto dialer campaign? Some providers charge extra for each person on the line or for a transfer. Make sure you know all these details in order to avoid ending up with a huge bill on your hands.
  • Are there extra fees for setting up the automated voice messaging campaign? The answer should be “no”! Your provider may charge you for extra ports if you want to reach multiple recipients simultaneously, but not for setup, busy signals, disconnected numbers or unanswered calls. In a nutshell, you should only pay for what you get.
  • What is the per minute rate of automated calling campaigns? The fees can go as high as 10-12 cents per minute, but no higher than that!
  • Will they offer high volume discounts? If you are planning to send out numerous robocalls, it is expected to receive a significant discount.
  • Does the auto dialer campaign provider abide by FTC’s Telemarketing Sales Rule regarding opt-out? In other words, they need to have “do not call” lists and, obviously, never call those numbers. Otherwise, you may be held liable along with them.
  • Do you have complete control over the automated voice messaging campaign? If you are calling in order to generate more leads and your campaign is effective, your sales agents may be overwhelmed sooner than expected. In that case, it is important to have the option of pausing your campaign and resuming it when it suits you best.
  • Can the automated calling software detect voice mail? It is important to know this because you need to adapt your message in case it is picked up by an answering machine and listened by its intended recipient later.
  • Do the robocalls have Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capabilities? If you wish to get the feedback of your customers via voice broadcasting or conduct a survey, then you should ask about IVR, which allows the recipient of the call to answer questions by pressing certain keys on his/her phone or even record a message and send it back to you.
  • Can the automated voice messaging campaign provider ensure call transfer? You may want to insert a call to action in your message, such as: “Call us today and benefit from our promotional discount.” In this case, you can insert the option for the recipient to be transferred to one of your sales agents by pushing a key.automated calling

What Is robocalls and Automated Voice Messaging ?

Voice broadcasting is a means of mass communication that has been around since the 1990s. In a nutshell, it consists in automated calling several recipients at once and leaving them the same message (usually, a promotional one). In the beginning, robocalls could reach fewer people at once; but now, due to technological progress, automated voice messaging campaigns can be broadcasted to thousands of people simultaneously.

However, such an auto dialer tool can be used for more than commercial applications. For instance, government authorities can use it in order to send emergency notifications. On a similar note, schools can use robocalls in order to let parents know about important events that might interest them (parent-teacher conferences, graduation ceremonies, fund raisers and so on).

Automated Voice Messaging
Automated voice messaging systems use a database of phone numbers to which they broadcast a pre-recorded message. Nonetheless, robocalls don’t have to contain the same for each recipient; due to text-to speech software, personalized information can be included. More than that, smart auto dialer software can detect when an answering machine is picking up the call and adapt the message accordingly.
Since it is the era of interaction, automated voice messaging software can do more than deliver a simple message. Interactive voice messaging allows the recipient to respond to the robocalls by pressing a certain key on their phone. According to the key pressed, the system will play a different message. Interactive voice messaging is extremely cost effective especially for companies who work in fields like social studies: instead of hiring people that go door to door and ask the survey questions, they can simply voice broadcast the survey and the recipients can answer by a simple pressing of a key. Interactive automated calling is mostly effective for short surveys with both closed and open questions, as the respondents can also record their own message.

If you are thinking about starting a voice broadcasting campaign, there is another important factor you should keep in mind: robocalls fall under the incidence of a subset of the telemarketing law. The most recent update of this law happened in 2008 and it is called the Telemarketing Sales Rule, which is, in fact, an Amendment issued by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). Whenever starting an automated voice messaging campaign you should mind the “Do not call” lists, comprised of people who have opted out of such campaigns. More than a restriction, this is a means for you to avoid paying for calls directed to people who don’t want them and who won’t end up buying your product. If you want to make sure that your voice broadcasting campaign is a successful one, it is advisable to work with a professional company. They will be able to teach you some tips & tricks for getting the most out of your robocalls, as well as make sure that you abide by the rules and regulations.


How an two stage cooler Really works

An evaporative much cooler is essentially a great fanatic with water supply-moistened padding ahead of it. The fanatic brings very hot out of environment all through the blows and pads the now-cooled surroundings during the building. The pads can be produced of lumber shavings – wood from aspen foliage is a really basic method – or other raw materials that carry and take up wet condition even when resisting mildew. Aspen hardwood patches, generally known as excelsior, need be substituted all period or two, and generally amount $20 to $40 on a create.

Smallish waste delivery outlines quantity water supply to # 1 of patches. Water supply soaks the padding and, as a result of gravitational pressure, trickles using these people to recover within the sump at the bottom of chillier. A small water supply water pump circulates the obtained water supply once more to the very top of padding. Then a task will start greater than more.

Mainly because water supply is consistently damaged or lost using evaporation, a drift control device – much like the individual who settings this تبريد وتكييف and مكيف صحراوي type of water within the bathroom container – offers water supply in the sump in case the phase should get minimized. While under traditional environments, a swamp much cooler make use of approximately 3 to 15 gallons of water daily.

A great fan gets surroundings all through the patches, the place where water loss droplets the high temperature about 20 qualifications. The supporter then blows this cooled fresh air right into the building. Smallish units is generally set up in a home window, blowing cooled oxygen right into a room. More substantial devices can blow environment towards a central location. However, the environment can vacation due to ductwork to man or women rooms.

Traditional air con goa is a really shut device, doing environment from within the building and trying to recycle it. For ac to operate windows, gates and properly is required to be closed down. Evaporative coolers, all the same, take on air flow from outside your home. For any evaporative chillier to your job suitably, the cooled out of fresh air are required to be able to break free. You can easlily in order to assist lead the circulate of cooled surroundings to locations where it actually is called for, by deciding upon which entry doors or house windows in your residence you depart wide open.

HVAC Chiller Manufacturer Energy levels Capability in two stage cooler

An aura cooled standard water chiller strips high heat from mineral water or other endeavor fluid by usage of a refrigeration feature that then dissipates that equal high temperatures on to the atmosphere. The electricity effectiveness is offered by a HVAC Chiller Manufacturer.

two stage cooler

The chiller runs utilizing the transform of the assert of your refrigerant gas which when forced with an orifice at high pressure varies talk about from the local liquefied into a gasoline, absorbing high temperatures through the entire chiller evaporator warmth exchanger. This frosty extended petrol then trips with the chiller refrigeration compressor the places it is always compressed in to a sexy, dense natural gas and pumped for your chiller condenser. The amount the compressor can push, the refrigeration natural gas pre-owned, therefore the running types of conditions figure out how extremely warm is removed.

Within the air flow cooled chiller condenser the refrigerant is forced through the compressor over modest copper tubes which may have small aluminum fins mechanically bonded directly to them. Ambient environment might be pressured with the condenser coil by a chiller enthusiast. This will cause the new refrigerant petrol to condense in a water, changing state, and liberating the warmth in which the natural gas obtained at the chiller evaporator. The fritter away high heat might be carried away from you towards the ambient fresh air by your admirers. The liquefied will be forced by way of the orifice additionally, the operation starts up yet again.

The heart with the chiller is refrigeration compressor. This may be a push which uses electrical energy to pump refrigerant all over the set-up. Based on the app like sizing or filing performing temps, an alternative compressor pumping solution is applied. Modest chillers use refrigeration compressors like rotary compressors, browse compressors, and reciprocating compressors. Wider chillers use refrigeration compressor like reciprocating compressors, attach compressors, ingestion compressors, and centrifugal compressors.

Every type of refrigeration compressor can do business more or less correctly in their fresh air cooled mineral water chiller depending upon the fluids or glycol wall plug high temperature obligated, the background oxygen environment health conditions and so the chiller refrigerant enjoyed.

The effectivity from the chiller compressor is offered from the COP or Coefficient of Ability the ratio of kW of warmth taken away to kW electrical insight desired. The better the chiller COP is, the more desirable the power capability. For example a COP of 3 indicates that for every single 1 kW of electro-mechanical feedback, 3kW of warmth is taken off with the rain water. A chiller COP of 5 implies that for each 1kW of electrical power suggestions, 5kW of warmth energy level is taken away belonging to the moisture.

Chiller COP can vary the following, typically:

1. Keeping the chiller condensing climate continual: a reduced chiller evaporating temps use more electric powered force for every kW high temperature taken away along with the chiller COP should be even more serious, as you are an increased chiller evaporating temperatures utilizes a reduced amount of electrical power strength in each kW of warmth cleaned up and removed together with COP will be superior.

2. Having chiller evaporating temp consistent: a much higher chiller condensing temperature will certainly have a more painful chiller COP that experiencing a much lower chiller condensing warmth.

A customer’s task chilling criteria will determine the managing heat level for our fresh air cooled tap water chiller. One example is an air conditioning chiller is going to take rain water commonly at 7 deg C outlet by way of the chiller 12 and evaporator deg C return back. This certainly will need a chiller refrigerant like R407C that may be acceptable for ambient air conditions all the way to 45 deg C.

The place where a higher chiller waters outlet hot and cold temperature is essential a chiller refrigerant natural gas like R134a may be satisfactory this also has got the added benefit of helping the chiller to operate in greater ambient settings – as an illustration – chillers at the center Eastern side and chillers around australia – remote control locations like mine web sites – may be established the spot where the background air two stage cooler might end up being 50 deg C or above.

Home Curb Appeal, Before and After

When you are planning the home improvement project like bathroom renovations, you need to consider three main factors: Your lifestyle, The value of your equity and Protection of your investment. So how can you get the maximum benefits with minimum investment and what are the areas to focus to improve the curb appeal of your home. The following tips are surely adding the curb appeal to your home façade and interior at minimum investment.

home renovations
1.      Focus on the kitchen: Kitchen is the heart of the home, with the help of simple upgrade you can change the entire look of your kitchen. Here are a few tips: change the trim, upgrade accessories, repaint cabinets, paint half the cabinets for a high-contrast look, add sconces, work in rustic elements, add storage with simple shelves, use roman shades for a finished look, paint the floor, replace upper cabinet doors.
2.      Swap out the old lighting: Stylish new pendant lights can easily become the new focal point of the rooms. LED lights or daylight will give the brightness in rooms. The hand-blown glass pendants enhance the light with some beautiful and versatile choices. New lights either they are cool or warm, they are the excellent tip and it won’t break the bank.
3.      Improve the Front Door:  Façade is one of the significant areas to focus, stone and stucco combination is the best choice of today look. Nevertheless, upgrading your front door can be a drastic improvement to your home’s elevation.  Options include installing a whole new door, refinishing/ painting your existing door with a complimentary color/ stain, or adding decorative molding/ door surrender to the trim of the door.  Molding can make an entryway grander in scale and really pop from the rest of the house.  If these options are more than your budget or there are also time constraints, then you may try just changing the door hardware.  Going for a gold chrome finish to a brushed nickel can be just enough of a change to take ages off your home renovations.
4.      Trim the home:  Alike to adding molding to your front door, windows and garages can also use the help of some decorative trim. Add crown molding, change baseboard and shoe molding are the options for you. Additionally, shutters can add character to the elevation.
5.      Exterior landscaping of the home:  By simply adding a new layer of mulch to your landscaping to updating the light fixtures, exterior decorative changes can truly go the distance.  As the fall season is upon us, the days will get shorter and those exterior lights will get more work.  Just like door hardware, going from outdated chrome to antiqued bronze light fixtures will take years off your home.  The style of the fixture is also important to pay your attention.
6.      Home staging: Interior design and staging is also a budget option for curb appeal. Designers magazines and fashion websites may give you the fresh ideas for staging and home interior designing.
If you are in need of restoration help or simply in quest of upgrade ideas, give us a call at 416-949-5050 or write down at   We can help you according to your wish list and specification and find out additional ways to update the exterior look of your home on a grander scale and home’s curb appeal.

Peter J. Burns III Business plan to stem MRI shortage in Ethiopia

Summary: A dearth of MRI scanners in Addis Ababa has an American business man putting his entrepreneurial knowhow toward creating a solution and a business opportunity.

Byline:  Peter J. Burns III
Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Main story:
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners are so numerous in the West that there is now talk of them being overused—but that is far from becoming a problem in Ethiopia where they remain a form of technology out of reach to the masses.
Such gaps in Ethiopia’s healthcare are clearly areas of concern to the Ethiopian government and many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) engaged in improving coverage.
At the same time, such deficiencies present opportunities for entrepreneurial deftness to solve problems and conceivable close gaps. Hence the germination of a project to bring a mobile MRI scanner to Ethiopia and establish a profitable but also socially conscious business  Peter J. Burns III.
“This project represents the highest form of achievement edified by the mantra: ‘Doing well by doing good’,” says Peter J. Burns III, an American entrepreneur now based in Addis Ababa as a self-styled “expatrepreneur” and who is leading the project.
MRI scanners use strong magnetic fields and radio waves to generate images of the inside of the body that can be analysed on computers. Since MRI does not use any ionizing radiation, as with X-rays, it is regarded as a relatively safe means of analysis.
Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital with an ever growing population of around 3.8 million currently, has only four MRI scanners serving 30 hospitals. Outside of Addis only two MRI scanners exist. All scanners are old fashioned and far behind the technological curve in the West.
Another problem is that each MRI scan costs about 2,000 birr ($115) to conduct and process the images generated, a figure beyond the mean of most Ethiopians, many of whom earn between 500-1,000 birr a month  Peter J. Burns III.
Healthcare under strain
Ethiopia technically has free health care for all, provided by government-run hospitals. The reality, however, is that there are not enough hospitals and most suffer from inadequate staffing, budgets and machinery. Private hospitals exist but as an option only available to very few Ethiopians.
MRI scanners are typically luxuries that both government- and private-run hospitals in Ethiopia can’t afford. The mobile MRI scanner will serve private and government hospitals in Addis Ababa, according to the project’s planners  Peter J. Burns III.
It would be disingenuous to claim the scanner would save lives, says Zelalem Molla, an Addis Ababa-based surgeon whose lunchtime chat with Burns about the paucity of scanners in the city sparked the project, and who now has an advisory role. But, Zelalem notes, the scanner would play a crucial role in allowing more doctors to diagnose illnesses far earlier when they are still operable and potentially curable.
Often it is not possible for doctors to diagnose illnesses such as tumours until they manifest themselves physically at a stage when the chances of saving a patient are slim—or non-existent.
An MRI scan can allow a doctor to beat the clock, so to speak, and spot the problem in time.
Can business be benign?
This will be a for-profit enterprise with a charitable component, Burns explains, as 25% of scans will be free to those unable to afford them  Peter J. Burns III.
Also, there is a plan for a portion of profits to fund a not-for-profit venture called Doctors Within Borders, which aims to provide financial incentives to encourage Ethiopian doctors to remain within Ethiopia, as well as work in remote rural areas.
Admittedly the profitability of the remaining 75% of the scans will take a hit due to donated services and the Doctors Within Borders project, Burns says, though the profitability of the business as a whole will remain viable  Peter J. Burns III.
And generating a healthy bottom line can have a beneficial role to play in healthcare provision.
For despite the admirable work done by many NGOs, humanitarian healthcare usually struggles with sustainability and operates perilously from grant to grant, says a worker within the sector in Ethiopia, who wished to remain anonymous due to current work commitments.
Private enterprise, on the other hand, he notes, can achieve long-term sustainability thanks to profit generation.
And it is usually more flexible than NGOs typically hampered by rigid fiscal guidelines, more efficient due to greater accountability, and can free up capacity within public- or NGO-provided healthcare.
Admittedly profit generation within healthcare can turn sour and escalate wildly, he notes, as witnessed in US, but Ethiopia’s healthcare system remains light years away from encountering such problems Peter J. Burns III.
Making it happen

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Case Closed: Sydney Lawyer Cleared of Charges

“Mr Hanafi is a man of good fame and character”, pronounced his Honour Judge Haesler, “the allegations against him make little sense…he has done everything possible to remedy the situation.”

Sydney lawyer Mr. Nas Hanafi successfully appealed against a minor larceny conviction in the District Court during November 2013, enabling him, with the support of the Law Society of New South Wales, to continue practicing law unencumbered.

In an interview with Legal Reporter, Hanafi expressed his relief that the case has been finalised and reiterated his faith and trust in the Australian criminal justice system: “People in similar situations need to stay firm, and push through it until justice prevails.” Mr Hanafi stated that experiencing these allegations endowed him with valuable professional insight into his clients’ positions: “The ordeal has definitely made me more sensitive and empathetic towards clients working through similar issues.”

Mr Hanafi was enjoying a Christmas function hosted in a colleague’s Barrister Chambers, and clicked with a female acquaintance early on in the evening. Later, during a taxi commute to an after party venue, Hanafi stated that she offered what appeared to be an illegal recreational drug to him. Mr Hanafi declined her offer, but continued to interact with her. The woman returned the substance to her purse.

While at the venue, Police attended the scene to resolve a curb-side brawl. Mr Hanafi panicked for his acquaintance’s well being and professional reputation. Mr Hanafi subsequently abandoned the venue with her purse, depositing it into a nearby trash can. Following the incident, Hanafi financially compensated his acquaintance for the purse and its contents; however the matter was pursued in court by Police. Charges were pressed for larceny, with Police interpreting the situation as a theft.

“It was frustrating to be pursued with a charge”, said Hanafi. “While my actions were not actions I would repeat, they were motivated not by personal gain, but by wanting to help.”

Pre-eminent Sydney Barrister, Mr. Joshua Grew, directed Mr Nasir Hanafi’s appeal. Mr. Grew is renowned for his criminal law work, and for his mediator accreditation with the Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia. His Honor Jude Haesler heard the matter in the District Court during November 2013, and quashed Mr Hanafi’s conviction. Judge Haesler placed emphasis on Hanafi’s unblemished criminal record and his endeavours to neutralise his actions:

“Mr Hanafi is a …solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales.  Mr Hanafi is not a dishonest man…he is not a thief. The absence of personal advantage certainly is a matter that can also be taken into account…He is a person who I believe can be trusted with other people’s money and belongings and possessions.” ​

Mr Hanafi, a seasoned legal practitioner with over 14 years of wide ranging industry experience, successfully continues to manage his own Legal practice, Lion Legal. Hanafi also undertakes casual academic work as a Corporate Law lecturer at the University of Western Sydney, imparting his years of experience onto next-generation lawyers.

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