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Kashif Din is a man of business and technology, which, in this day and age, is a good place to be. His location in London is also rather auspicious due to the city’s reputation. Regardless of his good fortune, it is Din’s excitement and passion that lead him to success.

Din is a business man unlike many others. He decided to obtain a degree in computer sciences, and so he went to City University in London. As he was nearing the end of his bachelor program, though, Din became excited and restless. He had an idea for a company and he was going to make his idea a reality. So, at age 19, Kashif Din some colleagues set out to start a business.

That IT business proved incredibly successful, and a few short years, Kashif Din had started three more. So, Din has been successful since a very young age. In fact, he enjoys telling the story of handling over 90,000 Euros but being too young to order a car from the airport. Few 19 year olds can relate, though many would probably like to.

Kashif Din first business is Quaduro Systems, which is a tablet development company. The company creates and sells strong tablets for the use of the military and other professions. The tablets are built into hard casing to ensure protection and come equipped with Windows software. His most recent company, on the other hand, is This company is an IT lending service that loans iPads and their accessories to businesses. The businesses then use these iPads for important events. Din’s service also includes software solutions, IT troubleshooting, setup, and consultancy. These services push the company over the top and make it a favorite among clients.

Success Solutions

Kashif Din is an incredibly successful man, especially for his age. His success is not surprising though. Din has always been an ambitious man, one not afraid to take risks, such as starting a new business. Many of us would be terrified with the responsibility of owning a business of our own, especially during college. Din followed his ambitions, though. His brimming self-confidence lead him to a fearless stride towards success.

Kashif Din can also owe his success to his passions. As a computer science major with four IT companies, it’s safe to assume Din has a passion for technology. By following this passion, Din is able to pour his heart into every innovation and every decision he makes. The passion helps his ideas to flow so freely. Din’s passion also helps him to relate to his customers. For example, was created because Din was incredibly frustrated with other IT lending companies. Having used the other companies himself, he knows how to include wonderful features in his company that will astound all of his clients. He is also able to be patient and understanding with his clients.

Anything is possible; it’s an aphorism that often falls on deaf ears. Kashif Din is living proof, though, that all one has to do to make his or her dreams come true is to be confident in his or her passions.


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