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Many people abuse anabolic steroids for many reasons, however most of them do to increase the body performance & appearance. There is peer pressure of using anabolic steroids in certain sports due to fear that the normal training won’t be enough to succeed. Also, there is perception that some other athletes abuse steroids & gaining unfair advantage. The people who make use of steroids to improve the appearance just by increasing the muscle as well as decreasing fat might suffer from the muscle dysmorphia and abnormal perception of own body. Males might think they’re perpetually very small & weak, or females might think themselves very fat, although that perception might not at all be true. The body builders & weight lifters aren’t only athletes thinking that the anabolic steroid use can be the road to success. The athletes, from the strength sports such as football & throwing discus to speed up the sports like the track sprinters & speed skaters, have also attempted to use the steroids to improve performance as well as increase efficiency of the training.

How people abuse the anabolic steroids?

Although most of the buy anabolic steroids have to get injected in body to be very effective, some might be taken via mouth or others used as cream and gel as well as applied to your skin. User can try taking enough of anabolic steroid for increasing ability to exercise as well as allow the muscles to grow when minimizing risk of the side effects as well as potential of getting caught. Generally, steroids are used in the cycles with the regular injections that are followed by the periods of rest. Many books & web sites discuss benefits or risks of various techniques in order to maximize effect of many steroids in the body. There’s the large underground, and illegal industry, which has grown meeting demand for the anabolic steroids as well as includes the methods to avoid the detection. Stacking, cycling as well as pyramiding are 3 common ways anabolic steroid abusers generally take the drugs. Suppose one or more type of the steroid is been used at time, it is called the stacking. There’s a belief that making use of 2 and more steroids at time increases effectiveness of all. Pyramiding generally combines cycling & stacking. One and more steroids are started in low dose as well as dose slowly increased till halfway through cycle where amount is then maximized and tapered on zero by end of cycle.

The exercise programs are also tailored so more is done as an effect of steroid increases. Cycles of the steroid use are generally 6 to 12 weeks of long and can be followed by the rest period. Among athletes that make use of the anabolic steroids, cat & mouse game exists. Also, they try time the steroid injections, so drug is totally out of the system when they’re drug tested. At times masking the drugs are taken to “beat” test just by making test negative.

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