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Inasmuch as technology is being embraced in every aspect of life, it has been a bit hard for the coin operated washing machines to be well integrated into laundry houses. Many customers visiting the laundry prefer to carry their coins. This has been attributed to many reasons ranging from the cost of maintain a credit card reader equipment to the cost of carrying a transaction with that card because some charges are attached to the use of these cards. These article explores some of the reasons why many people still prefer to use the “old-fashioned” coin-operated machines instead of embracing the new credit card-operated washer and dryer machines.

The first reason for sticking to the coin-operated is the “no float” aspect. Companies that run use the cards system will often sell you on float. This is the money belonging to your customer that could not be kept by these card companies as the balance could still be in the card. This often aggravates your customers and it might lower their chances of coming back to your Laundromat, as nobody can be happy when others are taking their money.

Another reason why people tend to shy from installing the credit card reader equipment in their laundries is on knowing your customers. Many laundries are meant to serve a class of people who cannot afford the laundry machines in their own homes. Most of the customers are therefore people who do not have credit cards, and in case they have a card, then they probably need the float left on their smart cards. Many credit card laundry operators are therefore required to return the money back to their customers because these customers demand it back. The process of transferring these money cash is an extra expense on labor. Loyal customers will definitely leave to another laundry if this system is used.

Another aspect is about maintenance of the washing machines. For coin-operated washing machines, if a coin acceptor fails or becomes outdated, the remaining machines will continue to function while it is under repair. When a credit card operated machine fails or gets any technical problem, all washing machines stop to function and become out-of-order. The credit card systems often require an expensive computer or specialized technicians, while coin-operated machines can be repaired by anyone.

Coin operated laundry machines are also said to be more expensive as compared to the traditional coin operated machines. Laundry owners are estimated to spend about 15% of their gross sales. This covers the cost of installing the card reading equipment, and the reduced income due to customers who prefer using coins.

Credit cards also are at high risks of bringing large losses when robbed. This is because when a credit card machine is robbed, all the money in the system is withdrawn and all the machines fail to work. This is not the case when a coin operated washing machines is robbed. This is because a robber is required to operate all the machines in the Laundromat before collecting all the money. It is therefore clearly evident that people are still going to use the coin operated laundry machines because of the many conveniences that they offer.


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