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Tanning is a popular trend these days. Enjoy this trend but also keep in mind that you should take care of your health as well.

There are some steps which have been used before applying a best indoor tanning lotion:

Steps to follow before applying indoor tanning lotion:

1.            People with sensitive skin have to apply basic accelerator first, as it contains anti aging elements. For dry skin, use aloe moisturizer and hemp seed oil, this will help in moisturizing dry skin.

2.            After that you have to apply bronzer over your body. Bronzers are available in two types, immediate and delayed. Choose the one that suits you the best. After applying bronzer, wipe up your hands thoroughly.

3.            Use tingle. Although its usage creates trouble like itching of skin and reddens over skin. But it’s the most effective best tanning bed lotion when used with a bronze. This mixture gives the perfect tan to the skin. Wash your hands thoroughly after applying tingle and make sure not to touch anyone during the course of application.

4.            Tanning lotions are not meant to be applied on face as the facial skin is very sensitive as compared to the body skin. Although some companies design some special tanning lotions but they are not so common. You can use any SPF sunscreen lotion to protect your facial skin. Apply bronze make up for the perfect look.

5.            After the application of tanning lotion apply after tan moisturizer which should be mineral oil free moisturizer. You can apply different brands moisturizers but make sure that you have washed off properly the older one. You can get better results after several applications.

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