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Country-villa-for-sale-algarveThere are many beautiful and fantastic beaches in Tarifa that attract the tourists from different countries to spend their holidays there. Playa de Bolonia and Zahara de los Atunes are one of those beaches. Playa de Bolonia is one of all-time favorite beaches in Tarifa since 1970s due to the presence of fascinating ruins of Romans and other attractive things. The culture and civilization that can be seen is older. There can be seen four temples, namely   Juno, Jupiter, Minerva and Isis; an Egyptian goddess. Fishing is the main source of wealth in the town and salted fish industries are also very important. This beach lets people find Tarifa attractive and thus people go for villas in Tarifa. The villas are taken mostly on rent and people come for spending their holidays there.

Present situation of Tarifa:

The concept of urbanism is famous in Trifa. The town-wall of Tarifa has about forty towers, or so and three main gates that are preserved. Administrative buildings, municipal archives, public square etc. can be seen there now-a-days. Many markets and shops are constructed in Tarifa and there are carpeted roads and industries as well. These things support people for getting villas in Tarifa and they go for them.

Zahara de los Atunes

Zahara de los Atunesbeach is another famous spot near Tarifa. Fine golden sand in this beach can be seen. Fishermen who work locally go for tuna fishing. The quality of the fish is very good and fresh and thus is very famous among the Japanese in their market. The location of the beach is known for its sunset views and splendid scenes can be seen there. Fresh winds blow there and are a source of constant attraction for the tourists and visitors.

Both of the beaches that are mentioned above are very beautiful and easily accessible from Tarifa. This is a plus point for people going for villas in Tarifa.

Facilities provided in the villas:

The villas are supposed to be very comfortable and designed according to the needs of people. There can be different additional charms in the villas like pools, terraces, etc. The scenery near the villas is very beautiful and the nature lovers are always willing to get some accommodation in such beautiful pieces of heavens on Earth. There are also provided porches to the people willing to get the villas in Tarifa.

Tarifa is a lovely place where people mostly come for having a time of relaxation and for getting a relief from their dull boring routines. The villas that are provided there are also present in the furnished form and people do not need to go for getting all the furniture and stuff. Mostly the villas are offered to be given on rent. The rent for the villas is reasonable and according to the facilities provided and other factors are also considered. This is because people definitely deserve a place where they can live comfortably and their budget should also not be disturbed.

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