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Sachin tendulkar has played so many great matches against every country, perhaps the only Indian player to play against each country at many events both in ODI and test matches. Here is the list of Sachin tendulkar’s some of the memorable performances in one day international and test matches against each country with total runs, average, highest score strike rate, making how many centuries and fifties.

  • Australia played 71 matches, runs 3077, Avg 44.59, SR 84.74
  • England played 37 matches, runs 1455, Avg 44.09, SR 89.2
  • Pakistan played 69 matches, runs 2526, Avg 40.09, SR 87.49
  • South Africa played 57 matches, runs 2004, Avg 35.73, SR 76.31
  • Sri Lanka played 84 matches, runs 3113, Avg 43.84, SR 87.54
  • West Indies played 39 matches, runs 1573, Avg 52.43, SR 78.02
  • New Zealand played 42 matches, runs 1750, Avg 46.05, SR 95.36

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