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So you are wondering, what is my website worth? And the easy answer is probably less than you think. But no matter what conclusion you come to, it will depend on finding a buyer who is interested in your website, and agrees with you on how much the website is worth. But where do you begin to find the answer to that question? You could hire someone to figure it out for you. That is probably the easiest way. Or you could do it on your own. Though it will take longer and more research on your part, it could be a humbling way to learn what your website is really worth, and aslo find a marketplace to buy and sell websites for free.

There are many lists online that will help you figure out how much your website is worth. Some will tell you to base your entire worth on the monthly income. This is a bad thing to rely on for several reasons. First of all, there is no way to predict the future. Although you will get an idea about how much your website will continue to make based on previous sales, the reality is that anything can happen. Maybe with some simple changes in advertisements or affiliate links your income could double what it was, and a buyer may know that. In that case, they would be getting a steal! Secondly, there is more value in a website that is profiting than just the profit. Systems were put into place. It took time to build the site and the traffic to what it is today. All of that should also be accounted for in the overall worth of the website.

The amount of people that visit your website is very valuable for a lot of reasons. Mostly, whether or not you are capitalizing on it, it shows a buyer what they are going to come in to. This might be a large part of your income, and if it is, it does not make your website any less valuable. It demonstrates that you have built a website that is successful and could continue to be, since you have already laid all the pieces in place. Many times, traffic defines all of what your website is worth. Without traffic, you would not be able to make the sales or get your website to rank high among similar websites no matter how good your content or SEO practices. And to save even more money, you need to find an online platform to buy and sell websites for free.

Above I have discussed the two most valuable traits to finding the answer to your previous question: what is my website worth? As mentioned before, there are so many qualities to figuring out an amount that will adequately describe your website’s value. And that leaves out that you will still need to find a buyer who can and will pay the amount of the total value. The two aspects above also do not come with a defined dollar amount. Even though your website makes a certain amount does not mean it will continue to. As traffic is concerned, you will only keep it if you continue to give them what they like.


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