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Beautiful handmade jewelry for beautiful souls

Beautiful jewelry pieces are something which can never be enough – no matter how many you have, you will always yearn for more. If you love your handmade-jewellery as much as most jewelry lovers do, try out the authentic Aphrodite Jewelry collection where every single piece is unique and every set is made just for you. Most women love to browse through boutiques and markets to scourge for authentic pieces of jewelry. We also offer you the convenience of browsing through our wide variety of designs from the comfort of your homes. All you need to do is long onto our site and check out the beautiful pieces on display.

Why choose Aphrodite Jewelers

At Aphrodite Jewelry, each and every item is authentic and made from the best gems and stones possible. Our silver and bronze handmade jewelry  pieces boast of being unique as well – you will not find a duplicate piece with us or with any other jeweler in the world. We also pay a great deal of care to design the best and latest designs in each and every one of our handmade jewelry pieces and hire the most gifted designers to create our designs.


What makes our handmade jewelry different from the rest

The biggest satisfaction of wearing handmade jewelry is that it is a unique piece and you are sure that you are the only person having one like it. However, we also offer you with a wide range of other incentives to purchase your handmade jewelry from us. Each of our handmade pieces are highly long lasting and are rust free as well. What makes them even better is that you have a humongous choice of selecting a piece from one of those epic vintage styles or choosing something which is hip and trendy.


The techniques of dealing with jewelry

Whenever you deal with handmade jewelry, there are 3 basic techniques that you must always keep in mind. The first technique deals with the process of stringing the beads , i.e., the kind of string that is being used to string the beads. The second technique deals with maintaining a distance between the beads. This can be done using crimps and knots. Wires are popular for making unique jewelry items as well. The third technique involves bead weaving where the beads are threaded and interwoven to create intricate patterns. At Aphrodite Jewelry, we specialize in all 3 techniques and select them based on your preferences and selections.



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