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6-Tips to Shop a Car


Shopping for a new car can be a task when the polite salesman hovers around you showing their keenness to sell you a car that day. Majority of the buyers do not make a decision in their first visit, even after a thorough homework. This maybe because sitting at home looking at some paper or TV ad provides you with the feeling of the real car.


Use these 6 good tips on getting to know about your new car.


  1. 1.   Right Dealer for Test Drive

Choosing the right dealer is important; most dealers will have a single range of autos from specified auto maker. Sometimes there is good resemblance in a SUV and a Mini Van for people transportation. There is a need to know every make and model out there. But if you’re opting to buy a used vehicle then it is different strategy. Then it’s best to choose a dealer who does not specializes in one brand of vehicles but can provide more test rides from different makers inside your desired needs.  And remember you will be shelling out a reasonable fee for some broker too.


  1. 2.   Second Opinion that Makes Sense

After test-driving at least 3 different auto brands things will be visible that which of the three vehicles really suits your needs. Before submitting yourself to the dealer, make sure you ask for a second opinion about the vehicle you are about to sign purchase contract. Automobile expert like Babar Ismail Director at Nexusscars Japan has extensive knowledge about the car market. The sense prevails after a new model hits the market and the resale value of second-hand does not go down for first three years.


  1. 3.   Minor Changes vs Full Model Change

This is very important to understand about minor changes Vs Full model change. Minor changes in any model cannot reflect on an overall body design change. It can be Front grill, head-lights, tail lights, interior or mechanical change in oversizing or downsizing the engine. People often clean closets, change wallpaper, or rearrange and buy new furniture; for your new car also you have to set up the stage. It’s not like buying a can of soda, so that you can throw it away if it doesn’t taste good to you but most car owners get attached to their cars.

Major changes imply that the whole design + interior + Specs are changed by the automaker. Major changes in family cars happen in about 5 years, and normally between 7- 10 years in 4-runners, trucks and buses. Japanese automakers are very dynamic and the others follow them in making the changes to their line-ups.


  1. 4.   Financing your new Car

Mostly the new cars are purchased via 3rd. party financing and the dealers have a financing schemes too. There is less possibility of buying on cash basis but if one can afford then nothing like it. If you are a regular changer then a lease plan is also available at most of the dealers, say 3-5 or 7 years lease plan. Please have a chat with your tax advisor as how to approach about the financing. Like the 3 above points this is also a very important one. Sometimes to promote any model the dealers introduce very low interest rates as low as 1%-2% annually. If it is 3rd. party financing, then you have to study about the pros and cons of the schemes, because sometimes you will be paying as much as 10% annual interest which might affect your budget.


  1. 5.   Insurance in Detail

Recently a senate bill 1567 has taken effect about prohibition of other drivers to drive a car owned by a family. This means that the households cannot drive family car if their name is not covered by the insurance company or if they are not the policy owner.

Same rules actually apply all over the world, but look at the individual policy about car theft and damage occurred due to nature eg; floods, hurricanes etc. Look at the payment options provided by your insurance company. Also, checkout if your car claims are handled by in-house adjusters or some 3rd. party adjusters. This will save you from a great hassle and loss of time.


  1. 6.    Selling your car

This is the last tip and very useful if you follow easy rules about knowing value of your pre-owned car and find the right buyer. Nexusscars is also a broker who can help you in selling your car to the highest bidder. New buyers are always prowling for clean, well-maintained and mechanical sound vehicles. If you can individually hire a good broker and explain the history of your car, they might be able to provide good advice. The high trend is selling your car at the auto auctions, mostly these auctions are not open for general public but your broker is certainly member of most of these auction sites. Be willing to be flexible after all you have to sell the vehicle. Settle on a price that you both can agree upon is best when the vehicle is auctioned.


Keep in mind all the tips you learned. And remember best way to buy a new car is to sit on a test drive vehicle. If you need any information about Japanese used car auction or want to buy a used car from Japan auctions then Nexusscars is a place for you.


Small compact cars have been all time favorite

Small compact cars have been all time favorite as a second car in Japan. From different walks of life new ventures are initiating in building and converting normal cars to eco cars. The main source of pollution is normal fuel engine which is taking a turn of the century to reduce ozone level.

Nowadays, besides huge auto-makers small mechanical and electric workshops also seem to be very interested in doing some inventions.. Some of the small entrepreneurs who lack full resources to manufacture cars have started altering normal gasoline engines to electric motors. Electric car have to be lighter therefore only replacing an engine won’t be good enough. After dismantling the rear seat normal lead cell batteries equivalent to 96V are necessary for moving a small 700Kgs. Vehicle. The electrics have also to be altered for EV cars and air-conditioning unit might also be taken off. It is estimated that if full head lights and air conditioning is continuously used as a normal car than the batteries will discharge faster. Presently the focus is on building small cars and not commercial vehicles. A small 660CC equipped internal combustion engine car can pull four passengers and is equipped with all necessary specs.

Japan maintains a leading edge in building EV Motors and continuously trying to prove a standing leader in innovation of new technology. Japan’s technology is advancing faster in focusing on making best EV motors and re-chargeable Lithium ion batteries. By introducing electric motors in bikes and boats, it does not seem to be a distant future in applying Electric motors as power source in commercial projects. Ono Optic is a subsidiary of Japan Tobacco known as JT, is building a 7000Sq.Mt. workshop in Totorri Prefecture of Japan. This workshop will use wind propelled electric energy and solar energy to supply power for running the workshop. Without any prior knowledge about autos Ono optics is trying to produce electric vehicles too, and have hired SW designs a previous designer in Audi Team, for designer their first ever Electric vehicle. Maybe now such sort of ventures e.g; A cosmetic manufacturing company is also the owners of a cheap ticket airline company “Open Sky” from S.Korea.

A local taxi company from Tokyo has a trial venture of running Nissan Leaf as a Taxi. But, since Nissan leaf can only run for 90Kms. on full charge with the present equipped battery therefore it might be a demerit for a long journey passenger.
Japan Truck exporter
Smaller projects un-related with auto industry are expanding chances for building cars but always keeping safety first. About just under USD$10,000 a normal car can be converted to a zero emission car whereas there is still a hefty price tag on the EV’s in the market. Tesler motors have big ambitions and bigger price tag, they claim their vehicle to run 200Kms. On a full charge and travels at approximately 300Kms./Hr. speed. Toyota has a joint venture with Tesler motors for their first Electric vehicle. As the time grows we shall see similar ventures who will try to prove great success in building eco cars. There are challenges ahead in making safer and better vehicles on our roads. Used Japan mini truck is going to USA through Japan Truck exporter Nexuss.

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