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Pet Rat Materials

Here’s a list of Rat supplies to begin out with. I have specified this list a great deal thing to consider upon under-going my very own rat provides. Not all sorts of things is absolute mandatory, especially when you have to the underside of the record. Then again, you should give everything on this listing some amount of money of consideration when choosing supplies to your pet rat.


Water Bottles

Fill-top drinking water bottles are less difficult to fill when you don’t want to frequently detach it from a rat cage.Rat Water Bottles

Glass water bottles can stop a rat that loves to chew from destroying it.

Plastic water bottles will operate for most rat. I regularly use Water bottles from Lixit.

Receive the number one water bottle you can actually see. Rats drink a wonderful total of water for his or her tiny tiny bodies.

Foods Dish

Rats will repeatedly hide their foods so having a meal dish can very often appear to be pointless.

Rat Food stuff

Grain mixes can really help dietary supplement your rats healthy eating plan. Regardless of preferred beliefs, a grain combine shouldn’t be important to have a very balanced rat healthy eating plan.

Harlan Teklad (might also be named “Native Earth”) is my rat food of selection. Most pet retail store makes commonly are not remarkably superior quality. The only other brand name that could be satisfactory is Oxbox Regal Rat.

Rat Cage

Bear in mind to commonly adopt your rats in pairs and to get an ideal sized cages.

If you ever go with a Critter Nation or Ferret Nation, you might also hope to look at procuring pans from Bass Equipment.


Fleece cloth can be laid out as bedding while this might need a great deal more recurrent cleaning (together with laundry) to keep odors down.

CareFresh can be an acceptable bedding but somewhat pricey and dusty. Be certainly to freeze for 24 hour ahead of use because it can include bugs.

Yesterday’s Information can be utilized in their litter box. You should definitely obtain the fragrance complimentary deal.


Corner litter boxes is much more room conserving nevertheless the consistent rectangular types show results okay as well.

To productively litter educate, it helps to use multiple product within your litter box than you employ as typical bedding. Illustration: really don’t use carefresh around the litter box AND as bedding however , you can use Yesterday’s News as litter box substance and Carefresh as bedding. Browse through more details on litter box coaching here.


Fleece hammocks would be the most at ease notably for the period of cold evenings.

Nylon hammocks are ideal for summer nights considering the fact that nylon is way thinner and lowers the chance of the rat obtaining far too heat.

All hammocks are in danger of remaining chewed and will need frequent replacing.

Nesting Box/Storage box

Sidestep wooden nesting boxes as mites and their eggs can hide from the pores of the wood

Plastic housing (including the igloos from Super Pet) can be effectively cleaned. I usually operate mine in the dishwasher when it will get dirty.

Rat Cage Cleaning Provides

Spray bottles: useful for diluting cleansing products with water.

Pooper scooper

Vinegar – soak the litter box or cage pan in vinegar to get rid of urine smells.

Scrubber – a sponge or scour pad would do just fantastic.

Pet Shampoo

Oatmeal shampoo is exactly what I personally encourage. You’ll find all natural and organic formulation nowadays.

Herbal shampoos oftentimes is made up of items to assist in killing mites. I normally make sure to prevent these as being the odor can be far too sturdy.

Guantee that whichever product you choose to acquire, it’s got a mild odor (like Oatmeal) or is fragrance completely free.

My identify is Stephanie. I volunteer as being a foster home for homeless domestic pet rats. I operate a pet rats blog that i update any 1-2 days with beneficial guidance for brand new rat house owners in addition to veteran rat house owners. Coupled with being a foster home to homeless rats, I care for 2 male rats of my very own named Splinter and Ratacus. Old to simply being a rat owner, I was a bunny proprietor, a hamster owner, a lizard proprietor, and a fowl proprietor. I have completed thorough research on animals and try to debunk as many myths on animal treatment as I can.


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